Google Merchant Center Setup, Reactivation & Feed Management

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The Growth Digital highly EXPERT in create and setup google merchant center and shopping ads campaigns

We are full-time Digital Marketing Expert. We Can set up and manage your Product Listing Ads using Google merchant center and Google shopping ads Campaign.

The services I provide include:

✔️Links Google Ads and Google Merchant center

✔️Google Shopping Ads Campaign Setup and Optimization

✔️Google Merchant Center Setup

✔️Product Data Feed Setup in your shop

✔️Connection of your Product Data Feed with GMC

✔️ Managing full time

Including this:

 Google Merchant Center Set Up:-

  • Create a new Google Merchant Center account.
  • Input your business information and contact details.
  • Set up shipping settings, return policy and Tax settings
  • Verify your website ownership.
  • Audit website and make it comply with google policy.
  • Enable Merchant Center account for free listing, shopping ads, dynamic remarketing etc.
  • Upload product data feed via various methods (Manual,Content API) etc.
  • Identify and fix errors within your product feed to ensure proper product listing.
  • Monitor account health and address any policy violations.

   Google Merchant Center Reactivation:-

  • Analyze suspension notice to identify the cause of account suspension.
  • Review website and product feed for policy violations (misrepresentation, counterfeit goods, website needs improvement etc)
  • Make necessary corrections to website and product feed to comply with Google Merchant Center policies.
  • Craft an appeal to Google requesting account reinstatement.
  • Monitor communication with Google and address any further requests.
  • Regularly monitor account health for potential policy violations.

 GMC Product Feed Optimization & Management :-

  • Review existing product feed for completeness and accuracy.
  • Identify areas for improvement in product titles, descriptions, age group, gender etc.
  • Categorize products accurately using Google’s product taxonomy.
  • Optimize product information for better keyword targeting and relevance.
  • Ensure product data matches your website landing pages.
  • Schedule regular feed updates to reflect product changes (pricing,
  • Monitor feed performance and identify opportunities for further optimization.
  • Use of dynamic attributes to automatically update pricing and availability.
  • Use of dynamic attributes to automatically update pricing and availability.
  • Creation of custom product labels for advanced campaign segmentation.


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